Sunday, January 15, 2017

More from Africa

Good morning from Nairobi --

Thought I'd send some a couple more photos before our flight to Entebbe, Uganda in a couple hours.

I shot these photos of boda bodas being repaired not he side of the road while on our trip to photograph fruit bats, that didn't pan out.

We got stuck in traffic and were running late. We get there and the chief wants to chat while daylight was fading quickly. 

We had to hire three police officers and village chief to accompany us in this slum after dark.

This was a place where even our Kenyan researchers guiding us were threatened recently by a mob of people high on glue and weed.

Anyhow, it got dark and the bats weren't cooperating.

Then we went out to dinner and local culture with our Kenyan researchers. Went to a place called Maxland's.

We had a traditional dinner of an entire roast goat, there's not a lot of meat. It's bland, very well done and served with what I think was bland mashed potatoes. It took a while to get dinner so maybe they were chasing it down.

It might have been in one the goats I photographed yesterday.

The surreal part was dinner. We were the only people of European descent, but no big deal. The funny part was the guy singing country western songs in Swahili. I even recognized Kenny Rogers' song "The Gambler".

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