Friday, January 20, 2017

Our man in the field files final trip report from Africa

Greetings from Entebbe, Uganda --

Pretty much done with reporting and now we just have to kill time before our flight about 31 hours from now.

I have given out Ironworks Club biz cards to some boda boda riders. Our driver, Saul, explained to them I like motorcycles. I don't think they understand that people ride motorcycles for fun. They are used for work,  like horses.  BTW horses have a hard time surviving this part of Africa because of various nasty viruses and parasites.  I have not seen a single horse, mule or donkey since being in Africa.

He says most of the boda boda guys will not have access to the internet; smart phones are too expensive for most people. The funny thing is Africa is way ahead of the US when it comes to using cell phones to pay for the things.

Motorcycles outnumbers cars about 15-1. Most are Indian or Chinese. I saw one BMW GS in Nairobi and one big Yamaha cruiser in Uganda. Everything is about about a 125cc. A bike like that costs about $1200 USD or 4,260,000 (Ugandan shillings). Per capita income is about $700 USD a year.
I missed the photo of the bike carrying a moderate-sized refrigerator, but I attached one almost as good

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