Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Scattershot: it's a nice word to learn

And it aptly describes this evening's post. Here you go:

While we thought that ol' Dodger pictured above was the original moto-dog here at the Ironworks Clubhouse, archival evidence has been found to the contrary. Little Timmy has unearthed this photo of Jacque Henry Pierre III atop a moped-ish looking bike in Scottsbluff. He claims its the first bike he and his brother Tracy co-owned.

Also, some of us, who live in St. Cloud, went out for a shortish 130 miler on Sunday. The snow is disappearing, can't ride a snowmobile; might as well ride a motorsickle.

Where the snowmobile trail used to be. How ironic.

Yes, it's a ski hill in the background.

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