Sunday, May 28, 2017

Beemers at Money Creek.

Why, it's the annual Hiawatha BMW rally.
Sure, we'll ride down there.
Go here for details:

Walt Ride 2017 countdown.....

For those of you who are more observant, there is a permanent countdown clock to the right somewhere.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Thielman ride in the 'Bottoms.

Pictures of course. Twice yearly ride put on by the Golden Eagles Motorcycle Club of SE Minnesota in the Zumbrota River Bottoms of the Richard Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest. Twas muddy. Happens when it rains for five days straight. Will the sun ever shine?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Our man Hayden injured in bicycle crash.

We're not a news blog, so you typically don't get the latest and greatest around here, but this just crossed our desk and deemed important enough to post. American racer and past Moto GP champ Nicky Hayden was seriously injured in a bike crash in Italy. For updates and news, go to Superbike Planet.

Hayden injured

Our thoughts and well wishes are going to the Hayden family who are an excellent group of people that have catered to the fans of racing.

Nicky in the paddock at Indy in '14.

Random Motorcycle Picture of the Day

Travels near Macomb, Ill., river ride.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

From the Wisconsin chapter's archives

The Fond Du Lac TT? And a twenty-five cent admission? More proof that motorcycles are your best entertainment value. Hookers, strippers, Amish bowling, cheese rolling, no-rope bungee jumping don't even come close.

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Spring 2017 Slimey Crud Cafe Racer Run in photos

Pine Bluff to Leland, Wis. Traveling the globe, as usual, to bring you swell stuff in motorcycle realm.

Very old Indian in Pine Bluff. Ridden, not trailered.

Someone has been to the IOM.

Helmet art. Skeletons and poker chips. ?

Yes, Charles, there is a bike called a Sunbeam. It makes happiness when you ride it.

60s BSA.

Something Elvis would ride. Or George Jetson.

Bad ass scooter punk riding into Pine Bluff.

The mass of humanity at Pine Bluff

Early ADV bikes before it became a fad.

Dead stuff.

One wheeled thing riding into Pine Bluff.

Norton Badge. By the looks, from the NVT days before it all went belly up.

Propeller drive. It's new from Harley.

Riding into Leland.

Helmet holder

Bikes of all kinds always welcome in Leland.

Works part time at shoe store. Rides like a beast, though.

Wisconsin; kids can drink beer; guns can be purchased in bars;  fireworks that cause injury; zombie permits.
Hey, Minnesota, why can't you be that cool?

Downtown metropolitan Leland.  Where the action is at, yo.

Selfie. Hooligans.

Waaaaay better than my garden sculpture.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Stuff to do

Hill climb in Red Wing this Saturday and Sunday. And let's not forget out the AMA Grand Championship Aug. 5&6. That's going to be a kick ass event. Are we going? Hells yeah.
Indianhead Motorcycle Club hillclimb

Slimy Crud Run is this Sunday; runs from Pine Bluff to Leland, Wis. Might see moto-scribe Peter Egan there. Are we going? Hells yeah.
Slimey Crud Run

Down the road, don't forget about these gems:

Minneapolis Ton Up Club Spring Social, June 10. It's a little later this year, but same great location and same great group of cafe racer cats that put on a good show. Are we going? Hells yeah.
Ton Up Spring Social

Viking Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club's vintage Bike Show in St. Paul June 16-17. This, my friends, is an awesome show and never, ever fails to disappoint. Are we going? Hells yeah.
Viking Chapter

You like racing? We like racin'. Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wis. hosts a round of
Moto America, June 2-3. Bikes so fast, they'll put yer eye out, Ralphie.

And Vintage Moto Fest, also at Road 'Merica, June 9-10. See old shit go really fast.

From The Dept. of Stuff To Do

This afternoon at 5 p.m. be at the Red Wing ELC (Environmental Learning Center) to hear about Doug’s motorcycle trip to Vietnam last summer....