Monday, May 8, 2017

The Spring 2017 Slimey Crud Cafe Racer Run in photos

Pine Bluff to Leland, Wis. Traveling the globe, as usual, to bring you swell stuff in motorcycle realm.

Very old Indian in Pine Bluff. Ridden, not trailered.

Someone has been to the IOM.

Helmet art. Skeletons and poker chips. ?

Yes, Charles, there is a bike called a Sunbeam. It makes happiness when you ride it.

60s BSA.

Something Elvis would ride. Or George Jetson.

Bad ass scooter punk riding into Pine Bluff.

The mass of humanity at Pine Bluff

Early ADV bikes before it became a fad.

Dead stuff.

One wheeled thing riding into Pine Bluff.

Norton Badge. By the looks, from the NVT days before it all went belly up.

Propeller drive. It's new from Harley.

Riding into Leland.

Helmet holder

Bikes of all kinds always welcome in Leland.

Works part time at shoe store. Rides like a beast, though.

Wisconsin; kids can drink beer; guns can be purchased in bars;  fireworks that cause injury; zombie permits.
Hey, Minnesota, why can't you be that cool?

Downtown metropolitan Leland.  Where the action is at, yo.

Selfie. Hooligans.

Waaaaay better than my garden sculpture.

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