Monday, July 31, 2017

We got some hillclimbing to do this weekend

Red Wing's very own Indianhead Motorcycle Club will host the 2017 AMA Hillclimb Grand Chanpionship this freaking weekend in Red Wing. This is a big deal, Roy, and don't let nobody say otherwise. Runs Saturday and Sunday in conjunction with River City Days. Drop your wife off at some girlie shop downtown, let her buy stupid stuff for the kitchen and get your ass out to the hillclimb grounds. Unless, of course, wifey-wife likes dirt clods being flung at her head, then bring her along. A swell time to be had by all, for sure. Linky gives up the details and the Indianhead Club website.

Indianhead MC Club Spectator info for hillclimb

Back from the day when a football helmet served as a motorcycle lid.
 Or vice versa. Whatevah: bad assery at its best

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