Tuesday, August 22, 2017

From the Dept. of Damn, It's Only Tuesday

Stuff to be done - motorsickle wise - this weekend beside a ride:

1) Black Magnolia Motorcycle Rally at Bau Haus Brew Labs in NE Mpls. Yep, I am doing that. And this time around, I am coming home with a bad ass Bau Haus snapback trucker hat.

Black Magnolia

2) We are total and utter whores for motorcycle t-shirts at the RW Ironworks HQ in lovely downtown metropolitan Red Wing. That being said, Blue Cat Motors in St. Paul is hosting the Ignition Motorcycle T-shirt show on Saturday eve.


3) Team Lyle 8-hour rally.

Team Lyle Rally

Remember, if you get bored this weekend, it's your own damn fault.

This post brought to you by Hipster Children on Moto Gootzi

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