Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Get your ride in now... Next week is gonna suck

Some kinda Arctic vortexy thing is headed our way from way, way up yonder. Gonna be here by next week. In the meantime, enjoy the warmish weather this weekend. Us? We have a ride planned for Saturday: 50 degrees and sunny. Can't beat that for Dec. 2.

If you don't ride, we suppose you could do this:
bike winterizing

And don't forget the weekend of Dec. 8th is the annual bike show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Rumors are afoot by well placed sources that Yamaha and KTM will not be there. In case you haven't noticed, uhhhh, motorcycle sales are sorta in the crapper. Simple answer: go buy more motosickles. But then again it's kinda hard to justify to your wife why you need an $11,000 dirt bike. Gulp.  See related link on the show:
Bike show preview

On the flip side, you can buy a BMW at Target. With free shipping. Who knew?

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