Thursday, April 26, 2018

Big bore kits make the world go 'round

Tired of eating everyone's dust? Puny horsepower got you down? Tired of the bigger bike boys pushing you around on the fire roads? Well, Bub, have we got something for you; the Bill Blue Big Bore kit. Why, yes, friends, you can make your anemic KLX 250 a monster on the road with the Blue Big Bore Kit.Up your output to an amazing 351 cc of pure power. Your friends will respect you; your neighbors will be in awe; your mom will invite you over for dinner again. Imagine the banter with co-workers around the water cooler? And your girlfriend? You can't imagine the new direction of your love life.

Stripping it down to the bare bones.

Prepping for the new top end.

Be a real man; make your bike bigger and faster.
Act NOW.

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