Sunday, May 6, 2018

Slimy Crud Run, Spring '18 in pitchers (that's pictures for those who can enunciate)

Two days and 600-plus miles for the Slimy Crud Run, Pine Bluff to LeLand, Wis. A good time was had by all. The event, captured by us, in pictures. Here you go.

Someone rolled up on a nice Commando.

A 1991 Super T from Canada, no less. Who knew?

At the Monarch in Fountain City, Wis. We like the Manx flag.
Neal wants one.

A beautiful CB 750.

Peter Egan (right) we all know who he is, talks bikes at Pine Bluff.

Our Man-in-the-Field furiously edits tons o' pictures under extreme deadline pressure for a major metropolitan newspaper. The guy on the right is homeless.

The one and only Bultaco making the scene.

Good crowd and a bad ass ol' Gootzy in Pine Bluff.

Crusty but rideable. That's the ticket.
A very lovely BSA Gold Star.

A very lovely John Player Norton

God loves BMW.

Sunbeam, the happy motorcycle.

Riding into town; Pine Bluff.

The usual suspects with Peter Egan.

And from our man in the field, additional coverage: Crud Run

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