Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Whenever I drink coffee in Kansas City...

It's always at Blip Roasters down on the West Bottoms. Very cool coffee place that emphasizes motorcycle culture: Rat bikes? Yep. Cafe racers? Covered. Cruisers? Sure thing, Boss. Sportbikes, tourers, Eurobikes? Check, check and check. Spent Sunday AM down there hanging with a good crowd that gathers weekly for moto "church". Thanks to No. 1 (eldest child who resides in KC, for finding this place for her old man): I told her that I did not want to do "girl" stuff with her mother. Kabaam: the hammer found the nail on the first swing. Check link below and the rest is in pictures, from shitty phone camera, as usual.

Blip Roasters, Kansas City

Plenty of parking,not too many any cars at all. Noice.

Pre-ride planning on the loading docks? Old warehouse district makes for great location.

Plenty of bikes of all varieties.

Swag? Yep, Blip has you covered. No. 1 picked up my father's day gift (totally on my sugesstion.)

Every coffee place needs a Ducati.

Custom tank paint.

In the heart of the West Bottoms, filled with tons of cool, old warehouses.
And no neighbors to complain about the "dirty bikers..."

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