Friday, August 24, 2018

Red Wing Boots in England

Picked up a copy of "Built" magazine recently. This is a hipster motorcycle mag from England that has a lot of articles about trends across the pond, and tons of great pictures.  The  mag's specialty is covering stories about cafe racers, scramblers, and bobbers. Truth be told, I've been on a British motorcycle magazine tear for the past year (thanks Barnes and Noble), and "Built" is one that I pick up every so often. Looking through issue  #14, I spotted an interesting ad from, - of all manufacturers - Red Wing Shoes. Well, imagine that. Yep, I've seen more and more riders wearing old-school Red Wing heritage work boots. In fact, I own many pairs of Red Wings and usually slap on a pair of #1907 for casual rides (of course, riding is on hold at the moment.) Wanna pair for yourself? If so, hit the annual warehouse sale Oct.11-14 in Red Wing, an event where you can score a pair of "seconds" at a bargain price.

Red Wing Shoes

Not exactly the #875, but my #1907 do the job pretty damn good for riding.
 And, yes, I do drink a lot of coffee from a Triumph mug.

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