Tuesday, September 11, 2018

From the Dept. of Shit to Do

This weekend:

For staters on Saturday at 2 p.m. - Konawerks Bike show in Minneapolis. In the parking lot behind Grumpy's on Washington Avenue. Of course, you could hang out at Dayblock Brewing where Child No. 2 is the bar manager. No crappy Miller Light there; only real beer. We've been to this before; it was swell.

Link here for details:  Konawerks Bike Show

Who are these two?

For part two on Saturday, the  Fall Flood Run, where riders do drunk motorsickle stuff at every damn bar along the river. (Funny how the official website states "Don't Drink and Ride" but there are 14 advertisements for bars at the bottom of the page.)  It used to be a fun event but its now become a ride of the same-old-thing every fall and spring. And, it's now sponsored by some organization that had nothing to do with the ride when it started in 1965 to help deal with flood damage down this way. Irony and paradox? Yeah, kinda thinking that.  If you are a sport/adventure/cafe/sport touring/double sport kinda rider, and wanna see some bikes, sure, hang out in Maiden Rock or Nelson for a bit. Otherwise, hit the curvy ABC back roads; the cruiser crowd usually sticks to Hwy. 61 and Hwy. 35.

Link here for details: Flood Run

You meet the nicest people at the Flood Run.

And, if you really wanna ride Commando-style, hit the North Shore Shindig waaay the hell up north. We already posted stuff about this a few days ago.

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