Sunday, September 30, 2018

Last Night's Action

'Twas a swell evening last night at Canterbury Downs for the American Flat Track Racing event dubbed the Minnesota Mile. Some good race action which you can read all about here:
American Flat Track results

Otherwise, here is a pile of pics; nothing too serious as it was a sorta chilly evening and the images were captured with the Crap-Matic Wonder-Phone camera.

Nice display of what runs on the track. These are nice bikes.

Yep, about 100 per. Stoopid phone could not cut it.

Getting prepped for the main event. Indian is a dominant ride.

The single-action is fun to catch. These move fast.

Even KTM makes the show.

Some schmoe hanging in the pits.

At work on the Kawa's. Yes, we like Kawasaki.

Fan friendly. Pits were opened for,chats, swag and signatures.

Getting this bad boy ready for the big show.


And more bikes.

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