Saturday, September 15, 2018

Plenty o' Pictures From a Lovely Day

From today's Konawerks bike show in the fair town of Minneapolis. Of course, our time at the Dayblock was fun as usual.

Checking out a very righteous custom made with a Suzuki engine
from the company's days of making the Savage cruiser. This bike had the right mojo.

Helmet with message. Yes, be careful out there. But go fast.

Bikes started rolling in as the afternoon lingered on.

Airhead. Not the spacey kind. The riding kind.

Little Timmy checking out an old school Beemer from the days of yore.

Harley FLH is about the best looking machine the company every made.

More from what you see above.

Ratted out Yamie dual sport.

In 1989, Honda made the GB500.
Yep, it's version of a modern Triumph. Or BSA. Or Norton.

Riding friends of all sorts made it. Hanging out by a nice KLR 650; the Kawasaki that
has been in existence since 1927. Okay, 1987.
Noice cafe race restoration.

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