Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Brush of Fame

Hopefully, by now, you have looked over the first post below about all the race action last night. Now, you get to hear about the brush of fame. So after leaving the race track, we needed a bit to eat and so off it was to the Shakopee Culver's. In front of us taking his order was motorsickle stuntman Bubba Blackwell and his fiancee.  He was at the race as an honorary flag man. This cat has done motorsickle stunts and jumps that have beat Evel's jump records on a Harley. Anyway, we had a nice chat and he is genuine gentleman who is appreciative of his fans. No photos, unfortunately, but he did sign a Culver's discount coupon for me. It was the best piece of paper I had at the time. And this shall go into the Motorsickle Hall of Fame in my basement. Thanks Bubba.

Not to be used at a Culver's for discount.

Harley wheelie. Yep, he does this. 

Airborne action.

With the record setting Harley XR750.

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