Tuesday, January 1, 2019

I-Cycle Derby, Part 2

So it just happened to be minus-2 degrees when we arrived at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe in Nor'd East Minneapolis on this lovely New Year's Day, 2019. Motorcycle riding is motorcycle riding no matter what the temp is gonna be, right? Today's event was the 71st running of the I-Cycle Derby, a timed event (remember, it ain't about the speed...) that challenges ability to navigate, timing, and cold temp resistance. For 2019, 16 riders competed and two from the Red Wing Ironwork's Motorbike Club finished 3rd (Sir Robert) and 8th (Doug).  Not a bad way to start the year.  For some extra coverage, check out the Star Tribune link below, otherwise, here is crap ton o' photos.....

Capt. America registers for the ride. He did pretty well.

Doug (front) awaits the start time with another rider.

Grom? Hells yeah. Grom's love winter. Everyone knows that.

Sir Robert unloads with Doug upon arrival.

The two heroes awaiting results post-ride.

Sir Roberts brings home a coveted third-place finish.

Talking stuff and waiting for the start at 10:30 AM. Is that snow? Ain't nothing.

New bikes;old bikes; big bikes and little bikes.

Yes, there is such a thing as motorcycle handlebar warmers. So warm, it seems like summer.

Getting things fired up for the morning run.

It has been decided. We need a sidecar hack. Send your funds to.....

Line up of bikes behind Diamond's.

The route sheet. Yep, small clipboards are your friend.

The Capt. getting ready to ride.

A good luck wave to the others.

This guy having fun.

Waiting for the countdown to start the ride.

The waiting line. Each bikes starts at a one-minute interval. 

Rider and navigator. Well planned strategy.

Doug and Rob take off for round two in the afternoon.

Message of the day....


  1. Is that the new WR Rob? The 2018 has, essentially, the same color scheme as the 2008?

    Mr. Pearman, the checker in the Russian hat, is an old friend from the Cities and my MMM days. I'm surprised he wasn't competing.

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