Monday, February 18, 2019

The Coolest Motorcycle Shop in Milwaukee?

It ain't nowhere but The Shop in South Milwaukee. (That would be the actual town of South Milwaukee. Yep, it's a real town, Sparky.) These guys are true wrenchers and groove on the classic bikes that are Japanese, German, British, and yes, even French. Want that classic bike fixed or re-worked? These are you guys. And the best part of visiting is this place not only fixes old-school stuff, it is sorta a mini-museum. Tim was a swell guy letting us in to look, chat and ogle over some very bad-ass machines. Trust us, it's worth making the stop if you travel that way. As usual, a few pitchers.....

Brett, AKA Mr. Honda, checks out a fine, green Triumph.
Yes, I'd like that for my birthday this summer. Hint hint hint.

A very early Excelsior-Henderson. Not to be confused with the the ones that were barely
 made in Minnesota nearly 20 years ago by a couple of hucksters. The factory now makes kitchen counter tops. Go figure.

Tim gives Mark the details of the French bike that goes waaaay back.

Matchless, a very cool bike from across the pond.

Honda twin that has probably hauled-ass a time or two at Road America during the AHRMA races.

Yes, there was an English bike named Rex.

East German DKW: made by Commies back then; bad ass now.

More of the French bike; Stooopid me: I didn't catch the name. 

Sure, we like the Exceelsior Henderson, but we also had a thang for the Triumph banner back there.

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