Monday, April 29, 2019

Nothing Says Fun Like the Crud Run

Once again, it is time to head off to Leland, Wis., to see all manner of two-wheeled contraptions, both old and modern, for the 1,000th annual Slimy Crud Run. Details on the linky:

Master plan of master plans is to depart Red Wing at 10 AM on Saturday and head to Mark's abode in Fond Du Lac for shits and giggles. On Sunday AM, we zip off to Pine Bluff where the mayhem begins and then make our way to lovely Leland where you can actually buy a beer and a gun in the same bar. Because coffee is needed and required, some of us (that would be me) will be at Caribou Red Wing at 9 a.m. Guaranteed fun, chaos, partial stoopidity and other cheap thrills. And you may even meet Peter Egan.

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