Monday, May 6, 2019

A Not So Cruddy Time

This time of year, it's always a trip to the Pine Bluff -Leland, Wis. vortex to be a part of the Slimy Crud Run, established decades ago by a group of U of Wisconsin students who were riding enthusiasts for all kinds of cafe racers, road bikes and all-things "sporty". As usual, always fun and always no shortage of interesting things to see. And on that note, here are some lovely pics.

Nice pair of old Bonnevilles in Pine Bluff.

Norton, Pine Bluff. Not to be confused with Norton from the "Honeymooners".

Rolling into Pine Bluff. As usual, a nice crowd.

Never a shortage of stuff to look at. I love the Old War bikes.

How every front yard in America should look in May. No one yelled, "Get off my lawn..."

Sportbikes of all vintages? Yep.

Velocette: the English motorcycle with the French name
founded by a German dude. And, yes, you don't see many of these around.

Always a wide variety coming and going in Pine Bluff were the fun begins.

There is always a story, and it usually has Peter Egan's name on it.

One of the "forgotten" Italian brands. Bad-ass cool, nonetheless. And yes, I'd like to have one. Parked in Leland.

More proof that God loves motorsickless. Especially in Leland.

Were real Norwegians eat in Osseo, Wis.

This sign has sat for years on Hwy. 10 outside of a long closed
bar on the far outskirts of Neillsville, Wis.

Every child born in the 60s and 70s wants one of these.

There was some sorta story about this bike. Didn't have time to read it all. Dooooh.

Like old vintage British Iron? Crud Run is the place to see it all.
This fine Triumph was parked in Leland, where the sun always shines on English bikes.

Yep, I have shot this one before. Never fails to draw me in when I see it in Pine Bluff.

Batman rolled into Pine Bluff. But he was undercover, dressed like a regular rider.

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