Saturday, August 24, 2019

Scenes From Moto Collective Gathering

A great way to have a beer, catch up and talk shop about all-things motorcycles. They do that on the fourth Friday of the month during the summer at the Moto Collective in NE Minneapolis. Unfortunately, this was last call for the summer fun. (See ya next summer). However, Motosota is coming up Sept. 7 at Bau Haus Brew Labs in Mpls, one of our favorite places to drink beer, and a good place to visit with the Moto Collective crew again.

Evel came close to hitting the deer.

Zero dropped off a couple of bikes. Rumor was for a photo shoot to promote the brand.
We like 'em

Lots of stuff to see on the walls.

Scooters and Little Timmy.

Typical work area with a project in the works, of course.

If you haven't been, Motor Collective is great place to visit.

Wanna make the best rest room? Hang motorcycle posters.

A '75 Kawi ZR-1 that was booou-tee-full.

The Z-1's evil brother. He's naughty.

Triumph right?

An early Beemer oil head.

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