Sunday, September 15, 2019

North Shore Shin Dig Mayhem

Yep, we got a few pictures of it right here. In no particular order:

The usual suspects from Red Wing.

Why, yes, it was a very, very dry Shin Dig.

 What happens when you hit a giant rock very hard.

If anyone finds a license plate out there, keep me posted.

This way or that way.

Scot's nice high vise jacket with a lovely brown hue.

More slop.

A fine crafted tool that keeps forks from smooshing when trailered.

One Amish Hooker from Braveria

Defeat: dead battery; Victory: getting it jumped and running.

Camp Red Wing

Where riding plans get sorta planned.

Dick and Ball: yes, both are locations on the map.

Excited because the sun was briefly spotted.

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