Monday, October 28, 2019

Stuff To Do On Saturday.

Twin Cities Adventure Riders has a gathering planned in our neck of the woods for Saturday, Nov. 2. Details here:

Cannon Falls Bomber Run and Chili Feed
Saturday November 2nd 10:00 AM to 3:00 PMStart and Finish at the Dairy Inn 1401 N Hwy 20, Cannon Falls, MN

This route explores the rolling farm land of Southeastern MN as well as the very beginning of the driftless area with it's hills, ridges and hollows. The route is about 100 miles long and will be 75% gravel and 25% asphalt roads. This is an easy Adventure Ride with little chance of mud or sand on the route. The first part of the route we will make our way to the settlement of White Rock and then head north to meet up with of the Cannon River and parallel the Cannon River Bike Trail. We will pass by a small Elk Farm near the Welch Village Ski Area and then head southeast to the small town of Hay Creek. As we enjoy the fantastic farms and gravel roads of the driftless area we will make our way toward Red Wing. We will have a short stop on top of Memorial Park for some incredible views of the town of Red Wing and the Mississippi River Valley. After this we will drive through Red Wing on Hwy 61 and stop for a chili feed. Afterward we will take the 35 minute drive back to Cannon Falls via of Welch and Miesville Ravina Park Reserve along the north side of the Cannon River. There is a gas station a couple of blocks from the start/finish so getting gas before or after the ride will be very convenient. This is a late season ride so we never know what the weather will bring. If there is a likely chance of Snow, Ice or Freezing rain the ride will be cancelled.

It ain't over until it snows. And even then, it ain't over.

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