Monday, January 13, 2020

From the Dept of Misinformation

Plans are afoot for 2020 riding season, which did officially start on Dec.22, the first day of spring. First things first; any day that is sorta warm with clear roads, we're riding. Outside of that, we have a few events in the hopper.
1) Mama Tried Motorcycle Show in Milwaukee on March 13-15. Speak up if you are in and let the Ring Master of Fun-Du-Lake know soon. We need a head count. Also, the Friday indoor flat track racing is a hoot. The Devo guy and the chicken racer we're the best to watch at last year's event.

2) Single track adventure riding at Huntersville, MN is on the book for May 15-17. Yes, this is a dual sport event with dirt, mud and such. Our man Douglas is said Ring Master of that event. Ride all day, stay in his cabin at night. Drink beer, tell stories and brag about stuff that never really happens in our dull lives.

3) Walt Ride 2020 is on the calendar for June 11-14. Short one this year to accommodate all. Destination likely western Wisconsin twisties into Iowa. Iowa? Iowa? Damn straight, Sparky.

Be on standby for more to come. Otherwise......

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