Monday, January 27, 2020

Pick Yer Poison...

Sure, you could stay home on Saturday and do all kinds of drudgery around the house to make that special someone all happy. Or, damn it all, stick it to the man; do your own thing and head for Minneapolis for the Progressive Bike Show at the Convention Center. The poison choice breaks down as such:
1) Stay around the house, be miserable doing chores and assorted projects for the wifey, hear all about your sister-in-law and her assorted problems, clean dog shit outta the basement because your stoopid kid can't or won't do it; hear more stories about your wifey's co-worker's new baby (booooring) and be stuck watching a romantic comedy, followed by even more misery.
2) Go to the bike show, have a blast and get yelled out much later in the day when you get home, by which time you will not care.

(Hint hint.... number two is your best choice.)

The plan is such: Caribou at 10 on Saturday for coffee and cheap talk; head to Mpls. around 11 or so; bike show; a crocky or two afterward, and after that? Who knows.

Follow these guys to Mpls on Saturday. They are going to the bike show.

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