Sunday, April 5, 2020

What To Do...

When there is nothing to do. A photo essay of the times. Mostly from today. Or from a couple of days ago. Or, shit, from who knows when. Enjoy.

Go for coffee. Yes, you can walk into the Caribou for coffee.
 Just gotta sit in the parking lot.
And why not?; we do that for happy hours now. (see below).

Go find your favorite road sign. We advise riding 10 feet behind the rider in front of you. Or, just going alone.

Go to your favorite place for happy hour. Public parks work pretty good.

Go find cheap gas. Not like it's everywhere.

Hula Girl. Just random. Really, not related to this post. Just cool to look at.

Go make crappy motorcycle art for the backyard. Wives every where love it.

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