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Walt Ride 2015 schedule right here.

Thanks to Christian for putting this together after a beer soaked discussion at his place on Saturday.

Friday 6/5: Tim retires and we leave RW about noon, arrive at Mark's house.
Saturday 6/6: Vintage Road Races at Road America.
Sunday 6/7: Late start, ride to New Glarus. Dinner at the Glarner Stube.
Monday 6/8: Ride around New Glarus. Will not visit Minhas Brewing, except to point and laugh.
Tuesday 6/9: Ride back to RW.

There are three hotels in New Glarus, two of them will probably not appreciate us, so it's back to the Swiss Aire. I expect rooms to be about $110/night or less, as I don't see anything on the calendar for that weekend.


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