Monday, May 23, 2016

Back by popular demand

Walt Ride itinerary, and all the data you need to know.

Sat, June 11- Red Wing to Niobrara, NE
Sun, June 12 - Niobrara, NE to  Scottsbluff, NE
Mon. June 13 -Scottsbluff area
Tue, June 14 - Colorado
Wed, June 15 -Coloardo
Thurs, June 16 - Scottsbluff area
Fri, June 17 - Scottsbluff, NE to the Sioux City greater metropolitan area.
Sat, June 18 -S.C. to Red Wing

Be at the Caribou Coffee, Red Wing at 0730 on June 11th. Be gassed and ready to go. Kickstands up at 0830.

Light camp gear will be needed. Don't bring the kitchen sink; tent and sleeping bag will do. Will be setting up at Tim's sister's house upon arrival in Scottsbluff. Expect a night at the state park in Niobrara on the way out. Tim said it has actual toilets and fetid water for your bathing needs. Cheap hotel could be possible in Sioux City on the return to RW.

Christian will lead the overnight foray into Colorado. He has a route. It's a twisty mutha.
El Link-O-reeno, right here:

Tim promises a wild night of debauchery in East Scottsbluff; it's where all the Amish bars are located. Dress appropriately; please, no buttons.

Bring booze. It's the Walt Ride afterall.

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