Thursday, December 27, 2018

So Today It Rained.....

...and next Tuesday it's supposed to be a balmy 7-degrees? Ahhh, the mysteries of Minnesota living. The temp makes no difference as on New Year's Day it'll be the 71st running of the I-Cycle Derby put on by Team Strange. Next year's fun (Get it? Because it'll be 2019 on Tuesday) will officially start at 1030 at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe in Nordeast Minneapolis. Our advice: get there well before the 1030 start time to do your riding prep, registration, and meet a few of the other brave souls who enter the derby's competition. Is 7-degrees-above-zero that cold for riding a motorsickle? Hells to the yeah, it is. But man-up, Francine; last year, it was 10-below zero. Did the Ironworks ride it last year? Yep. Gonna be there this year? Yep. For more details, see link:

Guess who will be riding a neat-o bike that Santa brought two days ago?

Monday, December 24, 2018

More Christmas Stuff

Obviously, we're all gonna be busy tomorrow. So, might as well enjoy this today. Merry Xmas, everyone.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Merry Xmas and All of That

Happy I found a picture of Santa riding a Ducati and not another cruiser. Or wearing skull t-shirts from Hot Topic at the mall or bedazzled rear-pockets pants that belong to Ms. Claus. If you are a Santa rider, don't do that.

Do this.

And don't buy this for your yard, either.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Random Things

Sorry, no random motorcycle picture of the day photo per see; but rather, random things that have  been encountered during the past week by various members of the crowd.

What it looks like when you ride your motorcycle near Thief River Falls last Saturday. Shawn.... That boy likes the cold.
What it looks like when you ride in Red Wing and stopped by the office.

What peeps in 'Sconsin ride.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Safety For Your Mellon

Motorcycle Consumer News has an article about TBI effects. Yes, that is traumatic brain injury. Very informative article, full of medical science and stuff. And, yes, the bottom line is to wear a full-face brain bucket. Trust me on that one. Also featured in the issue is Xmas stuff to add to your list. Since TBI is today's topic, I was interested in the Q30 neck collar, which, upon reading at company's website, could be another preventative step in protecting the jello-bowl in yer head. However, not for sale just yet in the US of A as it is awaiting approval from the top gub-ment agencies. (That would be FDA). Go get yourself a copy for some evening reading.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Something To Read Or To Do...

BMW recall for "one" bike. Read it here, I guess:

And if that don't float yer boat, you can attend another Twin Cities Triumph model unveiling tomorrow night.....Might hit that one. Would like to see the new Scrambler, too.

We cannot wait to see you this Wednesday Dec. 12th!

Event Location:  Royal Foundry Craft Spirits

241 Fremont Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55405

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Don't forget that the first 50 people in line at the event who are pre-registered

will get a Triumph event swag bag.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sunday, December 2, 2018

From The Dept. of Stuff You Need To Know

Yep, in case you have not noticed, we've been a little sketchy on the postings around here lately. Thanks to the super shitty internet service formerly provided by Spectrum/Charter Communication and its reps who do nothing to help solve problems, we said adios to those chumps. (Consumer advice tip of the day: do yourself a favor, cancel Spectrum now unless you like crappy service and antiquated gear that fails continually.) And on that note, here is some stuff; odds and ends; pretty pictures and the what not.

From the world of MotoGP:

Photos from the cool kids and members of the gang:

From the Land of Somewhere Up North from yesterday: yes, Shawn did get the Africa Twin out for a 153 mile spin. Further proof that motorsickles are way better than snowmobiles.

From the Dept. of Cool Stuff Found In My Wife's Classroom;
 kids love puzzles with  motorsickles.

From the Dept. of Bikes Found in Italy:
 Our Man In the Field recently sent this BMW find
 from his trip to Da Boot country a couple of months back.

From the Dept. of Old Advertising.

Speaking of Our Man In The Field: from last week's Viking-Packer game at US Bank Stadium in good, ol' Minneapolis: it is what the cops drive to keep the mayhem under control in the City of Lakes.

From the dept. of special announcements: Motorcycle Movie Night is next Saturday at Bill's. Bring you White Elephant gift (In other words, get rid of the shit you don't want any more.) The fun starts at 7 p.m. Crappy movies guaranteed.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Winter Sleds

A few on display at Red Wing's Holiday Stroll on Friday evening. Sure, bikes woulda been cool, but these thangs were bad ass.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Winter My Ass

Ok, ok, ok, just kidding. Ideas to store that beast this time of year:

One stich, two stich, black stich, grey stich

Only the best police officers in Seattle wear Roadcrafter riding suits. Known to keep crashes and criminals in control.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Goodbye, Stan

The king of Marvel Comics has passed. A great and honorable day to remember him; Mr. Lee served in the US Army during WWII.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Back When Men Wore Gaiters, WW I

Hard to believe that today recognizes the 100th anniversary of the end of the "Great War." In honor of that, enjoy a few military motorcycle images that cover decades of veterans who did their service time on two-wheels. Also, enjoy a few links to do some reading about military motorcycles; not a bad way to spend a chilly Sunday. Thanks US Veterans; all have served well.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

From The Way Back Machine, Sherman

Depending on where your reality is, the "way back" is either from the fall of 2017 or 1965 in the bottom of a nuclear missile silo in North Dakota. A few newly discovered pictures from last year's North Dakota motorcycle trip to the fabulous town of Oakes. By the way, there is some pretty good riding out in that neck of the world, which by the way, wasn't all that far from the literal end-of-the world. I remember being told that North and South Dakota were considered as the "second" largest nuclear power. That scared the bejesus outta me in 8th-grade. (By 10th grade, I started drinking beer and no longer gave a shit.) Anyway, enjoy a few from last year's cruise.

Future suspension prototype for Honda GP bike?
 Not hardly.
Giant shock-absorber in the launch control area.
Stop things from going "kaboom."

Space Command?
 Buzz Lightyear at your service.
Don't crap in this zone. Not kidding.
 Hard to dump nuclear waste in a restroom the size of a '73 Ford Pinto's backseat.
And hardly as luxurious.

Who knew that it only took a house key to launch an ICBM?

The party zone of world-wide Armageddon. At least you get a comfortable seat.

Missile launch switches. BMW put something sorta like this on one of its bikes.

Where you go if you need nappy time at the end of the world.

Obviously the K-mart Martha Steward Collection was used to make the launch center "homey"

The Big Door: shut that bad boy and it's roaches check in but they don't check out.

They last crew of nuclear warriors still on the job 27 years after the missile site closed.

The above-ground support building. Would make a nice place for a B&B.

This post brought to you by Sherman.

From The Dept. of Stuff To Do

This afternoon at 5 p.m. be at the Red Wing ELC (Environmental Learning Center) to hear about Doug’s motorcycle trip to Vietnam last summer....