Friday, July 20, 2018

Getting Back to Things....

     Did a quick trip to the Blackhills with FM and fell behind on Christian's Tuk updates. Will get back on track with those soon enough. A couple of rants: why the fuck is everything in Sturgis/Blackhills called the "Ironhorse" blah blah blah  when referring to a motorcycle themed business? (hotel, restaurant, bar, t-shirt shop, etc....) Gawd, couldn't you have named your business something other than the most over-used motorcycle cliche? How about name your business, "I Simply Lack Imagination." Yeah, that would work.
     Rant No. 2: Any man who wears jeans with bedazzled back pockets shall be deducted 10,000 manhood points. Who wears these beside "bros" and desperate middle aged women? Also, over-stylized skull t-shirts will cost you 5,000 manhood points.

No. Don't do it.
 Meanwhile, here are a couple of picks from out there....

From the shop of Jerry Greer Engineering in Deadwood. They restore vintage Indians there.

Cool Indian Four out front of Jerry Greer Engineering on the streets of Deadwood.

Plenty of feral cows that freely roam the less traveled roads of the Blackhills. These bastards will stare you down.


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From the Dept. of Late

A few shots from last week's action at Road America's Superbike weekend.