Saturday, July 14, 2018

It's All About Tuk

More from on the road to Tuk.

July 11
     We've seen a little wildlife so far ... no bears or moose despite warnng signs, a couple large deer and lots and lots of ants . On my tent. Damnit. Luckily only a couple inside.
Leaving Cache Creek we finished up the dry canyon and ascended to the alpine prairie for many hundred miles. The temperature went down to 65F and the while not exactly flat, the terrain wasn't very interesting. The trees were much shorter. In many ways, it reminds me of northern Norway. Lots of wildflowers.
     A long ride later we stopped in Vanderhoof to get gas. The first station we stopped had no fuel, the one next door did, so we got in line. Then we looked for a hotel room as it promised to rain, but the weather report clamed otherwise, and 38 km down the road there was a free municipal campground.  Free is good, so off we went to Swan Lake.
     Sure enough it was free, but no water. Set up camp, swapped the three mosquitoes, ate a sandwich, went to sleep. And listened to the trains 30 yards away. One at 10pm, another two around 2am. Oh well, free is good.

July 12
     I hit two milestones today.
     The first was that this was my 'transition day'. That's the day of vacation which I no longer think much about work or my responsibilities at home (car and home maintenance, financial things etc). When I travel west this usually happens around Wyoming. It frees up my mind to think about family, friends, and where I am.
     The second is we made it to Alaska. Ok, it's only Hyder, the southernmost point one can drive to from the lower 48, but it's still Alaska, and its the first time I've been here.
     The ride along Hwy. 16 was more of the same as yesterday, with many trucks. Most of those continued to Prince Rupert, while we turned north Hwy. 37, noting the signs of no fuel for 180 km. And for once, my cell service was faltering. The ride was definitely more mountainous, and we had a strong headwind. But the show really started when we turned west on 37A towards Hyder. Those 40 miles were incredibly scenic, as it went down a canyon 2000 feet deep. Glaciers, waterfalls, a roaring river, and even a black bear on the road. But it was raining lightly. Darn.
     Ron was rushing to get to the post office to send a postcard but he didn't make it. The general store provided it for him instead. We ate at "The Bus" where an old lady served fish that her family fished - usually halibut and then some other stuff. The halibut fish and chips was excellent, probably the best I've had. We checked into the first hotel of the trip and am looking forward to riding the canyon back to Hwy 37 with better weather in the morning.

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