Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Can't Say We're Digging It

That is, the new Indian FTR 1200 that came out a day or two ago. The prototype that was being shown off  early in the year was da-bomb but this thing? Not so much. Did Uncle Fester lay down the design law in the lab? I mean, wasn't the whole point of having a dirt track-inspired-street-machine look like a bad-ass dirt tracker in the first place? Makes me wonder how many will actually buy the dirt track racer and convert into a street tracker. Hmmmmm. Anyway, a few reads to look at:

Motorcycle Daily

This is what should have been built in mass.

This? Not so much.

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  1. Come on, you don't seriously think there is a market for more than a dozen actual Indian race bikes do you? That proto version was about as likely to sell in quantity as I am likely to dunk a basketball on a 10' rim. I don't think the thing they ended up with will be a seller either, but people still buy Harley's (I guess) and I don't get that either.


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