Monday, October 29, 2018

Tis the Season To Be....

...watching motorcycle movies soon. Schedule for the winter (gag a maggot thinking about snow, for shitz sake) as follows:

Nov. 10 - Little Timmy's
Dec.8 - Papa Bill's
Jan. 12 - to be determined but either Scot or Paul, depending on who wins the brawl.
Feb. 9 -Sir Robert's
March 9-  Christian, the man from Norway

As usual, Motorcycle Movie Nights always fall on the second Saturday of the month. And, yes, all  of the dates fall on the earlier side of the months that lay ahead. Don't blame me; some guy named Cesar Augustus or Tony or Ernie came up with the calendar. Start times are 7 p.m. As for motorcycle flicks? Can be a documentary, drama, comedy, Netflix series or whatever; as long as it has a motorcycle in it. Monkeys and motorcycles? Works for me. Secret Agents and motorcycles? Yeah, you betcha. Your mom's videotaped trip to the Wisconsin Dells? Nope. The season is here.

This guy picked the movie dates and he also determines which direction we will ride next year.

This is Ernie. He worries too much.

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