Sunday, December 2, 2018

From The Dept. of Stuff You Need To Know

Yep, in case you have not noticed, we've been a little sketchy on the postings around here lately. Thanks to the super shitty internet service formerly provided by Spectrum/Charter Communication and its reps who do nothing to help solve problems, we said adios to those chumps. (Consumer advice tip of the day: do yourself a favor, cancel Spectrum now unless you like crappy service and antiquated gear that fails continually.) And on that note, here is some stuff; odds and ends; pretty pictures and the what not.

From the world of MotoGP:

Photos from the cool kids and members of the gang:

From the Land of Somewhere Up North from yesterday: yes, Shawn did get the Africa Twin out for a 153 mile spin. Further proof that motorsickles are way better than snowmobiles.

From the Dept. of Cool Stuff Found In My Wife's Classroom;
 kids love puzzles with  motorsickles.

From the Dept. of Bikes Found in Italy:
 Our Man In the Field recently sent this BMW find
 from his trip to Da Boot country a couple of months back.

From the Dept. of Old Advertising.

Speaking of Our Man In The Field: from last week's Viking-Packer game at US Bank Stadium in good, ol' Minneapolis: it is what the cops drive to keep the mayhem under control in the City of Lakes.

From the dept. of special announcements: Motorcycle Movie Night is next Saturday at Bill's. Bring you White Elephant gift (In other words, get rid of the shit you don't want any more.) The fun starts at 7 p.m. Crappy movies guaranteed.

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From the Dept. of Late

A few shots from last week's action at Road America's Superbike weekend.