Tuesday, July 2, 2019

From The Dept.of Say It Ain't So

"Motorcyclist" magazine is kaput in the print world. Oh, it will be around via internet, but don't expect it to arrive in the mailbox.  Well, that sucks.


  1. I agree that it sucks. I appeared to be one of the few that seemed to like the new format and while I know the format had little or nothing to do with the demise of the print version, it probably didn't do the mag any favors.

    This the last print m/c magazine that I've subscribed to signals the end of monthly or any other variation of 'month' things in our mailbox. Our hobby continues to be full of changes and from those I spend time with, the print media corner of the industry isn't the only one struggling to adapt.

    I plan to keep this last issue just because. The mountains of Cycle, Cycle World,Rider, Motorcyclist, Dirt Bike, etc. etc. issues from 1969- long gone. I'll find room for this one.

  2. From a writer standpoint, it was obvious that the end was near. I'd pitched a few articles to Motorcyclist over the last few years and the money was so bad I just added them to the blog. After wrestling with kid-editors who didn't understand sentence structure and desperately wanted to feel relevant, the money I make from Google's AdSense pays better in the long run.

    Cycle World is feeling the same pinch, to the point that the have cranked up a new eBike on-line magazine and Kevin Cameron is doing a lot of the writing for that page. Likewise, the new market pays better than the old, dying one.


From the Dept. of Late

A few shots from last week's action at Road America's Superbike weekend.