Sunday, July 21, 2019

Lots O' Pics From British Bike Co-op Rally

If you didn't go, then you missed it and that is your fault. In the mean time, suck it up and look at some pictures. Held for the 20th year at the Eagle Cave Resort near Blue Water, Wis.

Mixed bag of parts made this early 70s Triumph

Well said

Stickers; some vintage bikes just need 'em.

Yes, there is a Rising Sun, Wis. Been there.

Triumph girl from Milwaukee.

You don't see these colors anymore.

From the days when British bikes tried to compete with
new off road machines. It did not go over so well.

Good to turnout of some 70s era rides.

Engines and good paint.

More from the 70s.

Who don't like no orange Norton?

This was an awesome flat tracker. Looked sharp and ready to race.

Getting the day's bikes lined up for all to do a look-see.

The only entry the radical class.

Did a stop in Richland Center to visit Frank's old place.

Lots of Triumphs. Plenty to go around.

Campers, tents and yes, an old school bus. Home is where you make it.

No rally is complete without a hooker reference.

 Talking young hipsters? Politics? Too much beer the night before? Nope. Talking British bikes, yo.


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